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Origin- Priceless Life
Background- Life is priceless

Life is priceless…
Because the living earth is full of love.

      Because there is a new beginning in life. We encourage everyone to breed small love into great love starting on May 25, 1998 (euphony: I love I), the “Global Love of Lives Day”, and keep nurturing the blossom of love to thrive: be nice to yourself--fervently love your life; be nice to others--honor others’ lives; be nice to the earth--safeguard the earth’s life.
       My beloved son Chou Ta-Kuan was gone! A ten-year old, it’s the age of weaving dreams. He left in peace, but his life was too short. So short that our heart was broken and wouldn’t let go! Though it must be an overstatement to talk about the immortality of Ta-Kuan, the everlasting values of his persistent vitality, touching poems and pure mind left behind him are definitely there with the love you gave him.
      Especially, Ta-Kuan’s clear eyes not only saw through the endless greed of the monster of illness on human body and accepted the ordeal, but also presented himself as a witness, a symbol, a section in the history before numerous healthy adults and children that no matter what predicament our life might bump into, we, being alive, should have the courage to say no to death despite how cold-blooded the monster of illness or how brutal the pain in body might be. We must be brave to continue our journey like his courage shown in the “I Still Have One Leg”. We do hope that his appearance allows us to understand more about loving each other and caring for children’s world.
      In order to take care of more children similar to Ta-Kuan,  Ta-Kuan's parent donate all their savings, and put together every penny of the revenue from home and abroad for purchasing Chou Ta-Kuan’s works and established the “Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation”. We sincerely appreciated our friends who had helped us to go through this and so many other anonymous citizens. Thank you!
      “Ta-Kuan is still here”-- because the world is filled with love.
      There are trials and hardships in the course of life.
      The monster of illness smiles ambiguously to life.
      The living Ta-Kuan opens up a window of sun. We meet and chat whole-heartedly outside the window of sun and in the poems. Why do we care about the life and death tug of war? Why do we care about the ticking countdown of the fate? Even with only one leg, Ta-Kuan wanted to stand on the loving earth forever, let alone we have two legs! ! ! Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation wishes to stand by you forever to walk safely and peacefully step by step in the path of life--a sustainable promotion for the Global Love of Lives series public benefit activities.