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Foundation Services

1.    Hold the “Fervent Global Love of Lives Literary Composition Award” each year to promote the spirit of loving lives and encourage people to fulfill themselves in the unlimited field of encouraging literature. Also establish “Love Authors Volunteering Team” to write biographies for life-struggling people. Up to now six honorees of life literature have been awarded including young poet Wu Dao of China, Chinese-American young man Hsieh Li-Geng, Taiwanese life traveler Yi Pin-Fan, Song Fang-Yi, garden poet Li Yun and Chen Guan-Hsueh. A total of twenty kinds of life education books including “I Still Have One Leg” and twenty life education VCD including “Win over the God of Death - Chinese Maolan” have been published by Yuan-Liou and other publication companies.

2.   Award the “Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal” each year. Up to now there are 156 Global Love of Lives Medal recipients from 37 countries across the Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia continents. The purpose is to promote the exchange of “love without a boundary” and spirit reform, and to construct happy and peaceful societies. This award is presented especially to mental challenged people to affirm their achievements and promote their self-supporting spirit for them to receive help from others with dignity.

3.    Continue to promote the “Global Happy Living and Love of Lives series public benefit activities”. Up to now 373 large-scale activities (refer details to the activity outcome) have been held to promote happy living education, carry forward Chinese culture and enhance a happy mental construction.

4.    Continue to promote the “Hospital Happy Growth Camp series public benefit activities” with a record of 267 times up to now. We have brought knowledge and laughter to severe illness children’s wards in different places, promoted medicine and hygiene education and participated in social services to bring peace and happiness to the societies.

5.    Hold “Love of Lives Painting Exhibition” each year. Till now 22 exhibitions have been held to promote happy life art education and encourage people with severe disability to join people, enlighten people and transform social climate through their painting brushes.

6.    Organize “Life University” growth programs each year to hold a series of courses about happy living and life growth for people to increase their life quality, to pour wisdom into their lives, to lead a decent life and embrace a happy living. Till now, 113 sessions have been held.

7.    Hold a series of “Take off Love--Spread Love from Taiwan public benefit activities” each year with the publication of four life books including Chou Ta-Kuan’s posthumous work “I Still Have One Leg” in Japanese edition, Hong Kong and Macao edition, English, French, Germany, Korean, Spanish and Russian editions to spread the stories to each corner of the world of how Chou Ta-Kuan fervently loved lives, honored lives and led a happy living. The campaign also brings Taiwan’s severely ill children to spread love to Japan, Hong Kong, China, United States, Korea, Australia and the border between Thailand and Burma, shows care for severely ill children in each country, promotes Taiwan’s humanitarian concern and searches back the great love of human race.

8.    Hold all kinds of outdoor activities through the “Hand in Hand—Severe Illness Children’s Life Travel” program each year, including “bringing cancer children to sail on military vessel to watch sea”, “bringing severe illness children to play golf”, etc. to encourage cancer children and severely ill children to go outdoors and embrace the blue sky.

9.    Prepare to set up the “Love Children’s Home” and hold “Children’s Life Dialogue” courses to arrange dialogues between severely ill children and healthy children, to present stories of severely ill children to the public, and set up “Loving Daddy”, “Loving Mommy”, “Loving Brother” and “Loving Sister” support groups to severely ill children and their families so that everyone cherishes lives, honors lives and has a happy living.

10.    Held the “Second Hand Instruments Donation to Play the Music of Hope Again” campaign and cooperated with the Ministry of Education and logistic companies to call for a donation across the country to receive a total of 4,695 pieces of second hand instruments and donate to 765 schools located in disaster affected and remote areas to equip them with music education devices and through music education to promote heart reconstruction and happy living and working. In response to many requests from different circles for a sustainable national music education and second hand musical instruments donation campaign, this foundation had set up a permanent organization, “Forever Playing the Music of Hope--Second Hand Musical Instruments Donation Matching Center”.

11.    Hold the “Global Chinese Love Doctors Scholarship Award” each year since 2001 to assist doctors in their professional work of medicine in treating cancer and rare diseases and doing researches in these fields, and further to promote the establishment of a specialized hospital for severely ill children. The hospital and its devices can be shaped like a fairy world of Disneyland to reduce children’s fear and rejection and maintain their dignity when seeking treatment so that a more humane, more children-oriented treatment process can be achieved that covers consultation, family doctor, out-patient visit, examination, treatment, nursing care, surgery, hospitalization, school attending, teaching and research, hospice care, etc.

12.    Since 2001, in order to save endangered species, we set up a permanent “Earth Life Research Matching Center”. We start from protecting and studying Taiwan black bear and this is our first step of safeguarding the lives on earth.

13.    In July 2002, we established the “Taiwan Near-Death Research Institute” to call for people in Taiwan who had near-death experience to cooperate with doctors in studying the near-death phenomenon, and continue to support patients and their families to walk out of the shadow of death.

14.    In November 2003, we established the “Ta-Kuan Sick Children Free Law Service Center” to provide permanent service in solving all types of difficult law issues for sick children in order to safeguard their rights.

15.    In November 2003, we established the “Chou Ta-Kuan’s Hope Volunteers Team” and awarded “Hope Scholarship” each year to encourage dropout students to “get back to their feet and live with hope.”

16.    Since December 2004, we responded to the Angel Tree Program to send gifts that prisoners’ children particularly wished to receive each year to them by the names of prisoners before Christmas so that prisoners can have a chance to show their care and children can feel the warmth of family love.