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Global Love of Lives Day
      To fulfill the ideal of “Fervently love your life, honor others’ lives, safeguard the earth’s life” through the story of anti-cancer poet Chou Ta-Kuan, as witnessed by the media in the country that ten-year old Chou Ta-Kuan was a talented poet and a fearless fighter against cancer, his poetic perception, pure mind and strong will urged him to complete the books of “I Still Have One Leg” and “Ta-Kuan” which had touched numerous readers from home and abroad and reminded people to love lives fervently, respect lives and care about the environment.

      Initiated by Mr. Chin-Hua Chou, Founder of the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural & Educational Foundation R.O.C, Dr. Gerlind Bode, Germany Leukemia Association, Ms. Liebermann, Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation U.S.A, and Mr.? An-Kuo Cheng, Highwise Service Foundation Limited, the “Declaration of Fervent Global Love of Lives Day” was signed on May 25, 1998 at Grand Hyatt Taipei. The May 25th (referred to as 525 for short, euphony: I love I) of each year was formally announced as the “Global Love of Lives Day”.

      Declaration of Fervent Global Love of Lives Day 
      1. Be nice to yourself--Fervently love your life. Greet a wholesome future.
      2. Be nice to others--Honor others’ lives. Surge into the hope of great love.
      3. Be nice to the earth.--Safeguard the earth’s life. Strive for harmonious coexistence.
      This foundation sincerely invite Chinese people around the world, international friends who care about and recognize the activities of this foundation and other public benefit organizations to join together with us to carry out the 1998 “Declaration of Fervent Global Love of Lives”. Each year on May 25, the “Global Love of Lives Day”, this foundation will hold “Global Love of Lives Day series public benefit activities” with 28 country members of the Germany Leukemia Association, 39 country members of the Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Foundation U.S.A, Singapore’s Children's Leukemia Foundation Limited, Japan Association of Childhood Leukemia, and other public benefit groups in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau simultaneously.