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File of Ta-Kuan
Anti-cancer poet--Chou Ta-Kuan’s file
      Chou Ta-Kuan, male, a native of Donggang, Pintung County, born on October 29, 1987 at 7:10 p.m., died on May 18, 1997 at 4:50 a.m. When he was five, already he could recite poems and prose of Chinese classics. Since elementary school, he had the habit of keeping a diary. He used to write diary and composition in poetic forms. He also loved the sound of violin. He became the first violinist in the first orchestra of the Taipei County Da Feng Elementary School and he performed elegantly and proudly on the stage.
      Yet, life is impermanent. In 1996 after returning from a trip to the United States and South and Central America with his family, as little as a ten-year old, Ta-Kuan was diagnosed by several hospitals with the malignant rhabdoid tumor. He went through two surgeries to eliminate cancer cells, twelve times of chemotherapy, 30 times of Cobalt-60 radiation therapy and amputation surgery to fight against the disease for more than a year. On February 17, 1997, the last “treatment assessment meeting” was held for him in the National Taiwan University Hospital and he insisted to participate. This was the first time ever happened in this country. Doctors and nurses all applauded to welcome the participation of this little giant. The meeting result turned out that there’s nothing doctors could do any more. He quietly wrote down in his diary: Doctor is the judge, sentencing to life imprisonment, but I am a patient not a criminal, I want to bravely walk out; doctor is the judge, sentencing to death, but I am a patient not a criminal, I want to bravely go on living; I want to fight with Cancer Devil, I want fairness from God, I am only ten years old, I am not just ten years old, I still have many more “ten-years”.
      A collection of four books, “I Still Have One Leg” (poem), “Ta-Kuan” (prose), “The Light of Life-- Chou Ta-Kuan” (biography), “Story of Ta-Kuan--The Wish of a Little Star” (story), and a recording of “Little Sun─Chou Ta-Kuan” (true stories) that Ta-Kuan produced in touching poems and prose with his strength in life and pure heart to express his thoughts during illness had moved numerous people at home and abroad and encouraged people to love lives, to honor lives and to live on bravely. He ever won the “Presidential Office Award”, “National Chung Hsing Literary Award”, “Provincial Government Cultural Award and Filial Piety Award” and “China Youth Corps Youth Award”. With a life as short as ten years, he truly sparkled.
      As reported by the media both domestic and overseas, Chou Ta-Kuan was a very talented poet and a brave warrior to fight against the illness. His touching poems and strong will not only inspired the diligence of the young but also warmed the heart of the youth. He had glorified human nature, interpreted the meaning of life, and his perseverance and poems of great love shall last in this world forever.
      Chou Ta-Kuan’s parents, Chou Chin-Hua and Guo Ying-Lan couple, had founded the “Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation” to fulfill their beloved son’s final wish of “loving lives and caring for others” by carrying out the Fervent Global Love of Lives series public benefit activities. The foundation is dedicated in the tasks of research, development and exchange by setting up support groups of “Loving Daddy, Loving Mommy, Loving Sister, Loving Brother”, holding different kinds of lives-caring activities, establishing the Ta-Kuan Family Service Center, holding a series of Life University seminars and workshops, awarding publicly those institutes, groups or any individual that have outstanding achievements or contributions in the scope of Global Love of Lives and promoting the establishment of a specialized hospital for severely ill children. It promotes “to fervently love yourself, to honor others’ lives and to safeguard the earth’s life.”