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Through the Flow of Life
Founder Chou Chin-Hua of the CTK Foundation

Each one of us owns a beginning of life.
In everyone’s life, there is a child living there forever, with wide open eyes and bright red face, smiling.

      Chou Ta-Kuan, my forever ten-year old beloved son, his purity with wide open eyes and bright red smiling face had been transformed into the “Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation.” It’s been ten years in the blink of an eye. Ten years of love. From the start, we were just doing things that we should do.
      We fear no more. We and those people struggling for life around the globe breathe in the life poem “I Still Have One Leg” written by my beloved son Chou Ta-Kuan and we teach the Cancer Devil how to play violin together with us.
      We are no longer alone. With love of kind friends from all circles to support the initiative of granting the “Life’s Nobel Prize”, we had been able to invite 156 Global Love of Lives Award recipients from 37 countries across the Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and America to get together each year in May the “Global Love of Lives Month”, and hold Caring for Lives public benefit activity series that were expanded from Taiwan to the world to promote, be nice to yourself--fervently love your life; be nice to others--honor others’ lives; be nice to the earth--safeguard the earth’s life.
      We are no longer sad. Life is priceless. The world is filled with love. Every phenomenon on earth is an indication of the great life in the universe. The life and death of every individual is like the up and down of waves in the ocean. The waves, either large or small, are nothing more than changes of the ocean and shall always be returning to the ocean.
      It was deep in the night. The 7D cancer children’s ward in the National Taiwan University Hospital was very quiet. I stayed with every angel that came to this world. Every loud greeting of “Daddy Chou” made me contemplate. How I hope that everyone should treat cancer children as his/her teachers – to fear no more, to feel lonely no more, to sorrow no more, and…
      Like my beloved son Chou Ta-Kuan: 
They are not ordinary children. They are all hope-filled seedlings.

      They are all heroes in the war of anti-cancer that people praise.
      Every day, we salute these heroes, giving them blessings of the ocean and prayers of the mountain. We wish they’ll break up the clouds and soar like the rising sun in the future!
      They’ll run like little ponies on land as the spring returns! 
      As they march into tomorrow, their spirit of daring the devil is reverberating in the minds of numerous people.
      And numerous people are also awed by the life flowers they bloom.

      No matter how long this war is going to last, they are definitely to win! 
      (It is victory not to bend to the Cancer Devil.)
      Love from parents, teachers, classmates, medical staffs, and…
      and care and praise from numerous people around the globe, 

      shall follow them forever and ever.
      This colored comic book, “3,499 Loves—Chou Ta-Kuan Has Come Back” was presented to this world after an effort of ten years. Ten years ago, Professor , chair of the Department of Chinese Literature of Reitaku University in Japan, started off the project and Japanese famous cartoonist responded. In Taiwan, urologist Dr. Liao Hao-kai tried the project first and as Minister of Education Tseng Chi-lang who founded the life education continued to push together with the urge from teachers and students who cared for the life education across Taiwan, Singapore, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau, my wife lawyer Guo Ying-Lan and I used the short break of promoting the “Global Love of Lives public benefit activity series” to continue to tell the story and famous cartoonist couple Wang Chin-hsuan and Chen Hsiao-ching completed the drawings.
      We plan to publish the book to the world in various ways including animation, drama and video/audio products to raise funds for setting up the “Ta-Kuan Love Children’s Dream Fund” for tens of thousands of cancer children, allowing those cancer children angels to walk through this world and plant their hope for the true, the good and the beautiful.
      Each one of us rectifies own behavior during the course of life.
      Live to hope – is the theme of practice in the 21st century. Welcome everyone to have a copy of this book. Ride on the animated life train of my beloved son Chou Ta-Kuan and head toward the hopeful search for eternity.