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Planting Love
Founder Chou Chin-Hua of the CTK Foundation
      If you are tired of the turmoil and unrest in life and desire to return to a simple and spiritual life, listen to these heavenly life stories to take you away from turmoil and enter to a paradise of love and easiness.
      Life shall not be left empty. It has its abundance.
      Plant infinite love into the field of heart.
      Someone always claims that the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation has great achievement in ten years. I only dare to say that it’s a love-embedded ten-year. Thanks to kind friends from all circles around the world to support the initiative of granting the “Life’s Nobel Prize” with love, we had been able to invite 156 Global Love of Lives Award recipients from 37 countries across the five continents, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and America to get together each year in May the “Global Love of Lives Month”, and hold Caring for Lives public benefit activity series that were expanded from Taiwan to the world to promote, be nice to yourself--fervently love your life; be nice to others--honor others’ lives; and be nice to the earth--safeguard the earth’s life.
      In the volatile and changeable 21st century, “love” is the only treasure that will not change. This is the reason why anti-cancer poet Chou Ta-Kuan wished we could go out and plant trees every day for generation after generation until a forest of love thrives. To fulfill his will that “planting tree is planting love”, the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation continues to promote the “Global Love of Lives” activities.
      Today, even on the virtual internet - we can be so close, and yet so far apart; we can be so right, or so wrong; we can be so good, or so bad.
      Without “love” as the ultimate standard, there is no way to distinguish the distance or to tell the difference between right and wrong or good and bad. Luckily, there is “love” in this world, particularly the love in life that is practiced by recipients of the Love of Lives Award. They have witnessed that this is a small world and love has no boundary. They have melted down the bad part of human beings and kept the good part. They have even got rid of meaningless disputes and see this world in a broad view.
      Look at the far-off mountains, listen to flowing water and exhale a breath lightly, and I believe you will find the unthinkable power of love in life. Since the power of love in life is so unthinkable as such, let’s go and “plant love” from today!