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Learning of Life
CEO Chao Cui-hui of the CTK Foundation

To learn in life reaches no end.
It is natural that life is always full of challenges.
      Nevertheless, it is so admirable to have a respectful and humble learning attitude that holds tight on the persistence of never giving up under extreme challenges! 

      In the past ten years, from the recipients of the “Global Love of Lives Award” presented by the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation I have seen their ultimate performance of stretching their unlimited potential in lives. Some of them have accomplished mission impossible, and some of them are guiding us toward the peak of life learning.
      It’s mentioned in the book of “Sweet Zen: Dharma Talks from Cheri Huber” that dharma practice is like walking in a thick fog which pervades everything. But as you walk, there appears to have some bright moment that allows you to see, to understand things, and then you continue your journey in the fog.
      I was so touched when I read this paragraph. I quieted down and contemplated: I have thrown myself into the public benefit activities held by the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation in the past ten years. Haven’t I been walking in the thick fog myself? Every warrior and each story of love of lives are pervading like thick fog. Surrounded by desires for living, fearless courage and an atmosphere of outliving oneself, we cannot tell from each other and we share the same feelings with them. Their strong true love has taught us to practice loving kindness, compassion, joy and release, and to cherish the blessings we own. No matter how reluctant we are to let go of them, we shall always be awed by their courage.
      Each recipient of the Love of Lives Award presented by the Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation has his/her own expertise in different field. When they face any predicament in life, they embrace it without any compromise. They are not afraid of taking on any challenge and are willing to accept the most difficult learning. This reminded me of what’s been said by the contemporary transpersonal psychology genius Ken Wilber, “Because we no longer fear how we feel, we can join in even more vigorously.” Their philosophy of life is not to solve problems in a smart way, but to have wisdom so that problems do not happen.
      They are active and optimistic. They face life honestly and accept it with compassion. Occasionally they feel pessimistic, but they admit such experience bravely and without taking the negativity into heart they soon transform it into a positive energy. This indeed requires “great indomitable” courage.
      I am the most blessed person as they teach me and accompany me on my trip in life. They are my models. Their example has helped me to follow the right track of how to conduct myself and manage ways in this world. I have put my gratitude to them deep in heart, and I silently send them my best wishes that they shall be peaceful, satisfied and have everything as they hope for!