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A letter to Ta-Kuan
CEO Chao Cui-Hui of the CTK Foundation
Dear Ta-Kuan:
      I haven’t seen you for ten years. How are you? I miss you very much! 
Do you still recall the first time we met?
      Principal Chen Mu-Cheng took me to the hospital to see you after your amputation operation and we talked about your poems. Before I left, you looked at me blinking your charming big eyes and asked in a soft voice.
      “Aunt Hui, when will you come again?”
      After that, no matter it’s a raining day or sunny day, I went to see you almost every day. How can I bear to let you wait with such a pure invitation from you?
      I know you like to read. You always read these books I brought to you seriously and you also kept an eye on brother Shang-Kuan to push him to study. You worried that “maybe” Shang-Kuan played too much and didn’t know how to take care of daddy and mommy. At that time, my dear, Shang-Kuan was only eight years old. You had been too fussy. Now, let me tell you. Eighteen-year old Shang-Kuan not only takes your words in heart to be understanding and show filial obedience for parents, but has also transformed his remembrance of you into a power of big love and passed out your love. So you may ease your mind in peace.
      But there’s one thing, Ta-Kuan baby, that I still couldn’t figure out:
      That year when members of the Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation were having the project of “bringing love to Japan”, Tian-Kuan was four years old. He asked me to wait when I prepared to take him to breakfast. He wanted to take the little airplane toy I gave him the other day and play it downstairs with everyone. I watched him jumping over to the fridge and took the toy out from there, and he took my hand with satisfaction. This is the first time I ever saw a child putting toy in fridge to keep the freshness, so I curiously asked him why. He said without raising his head, “Of course this is how it should be!” He seemed to question me why I even asked. When we got to the restaurant and I asked your parents. They were shocked because you were doing the same when you were little. The question is, since nobody ever told Tian-Kuan about this, how come he also put the toy in fridge?
      Moreover, Tian-Kuan loves to grab your violin to sleep, and he had recited all your poems at the age of three. He also claims he is a little poet.
      Can it be true that you had been born again by your mommy?
      My dear, I always say that as long as we have love in heart, we shall not lose our passed relatives and friends. Love lets us transcend time and space and brings us together forever without any distance. But how I miss you, remembering all these happy moments we were together.
      Appreciate uncle Wang Chin-hsuan and aunt Chen Hsiao-ching to complete the drawings and edit the book attentively. Your lively personality and strong will to fight against cancer are all shown in the animated cartoons.
      I thank you for your philosophical mind to tell us the truth in life and bring us clarity as to what we should be looking for in our lives.
      Thank you for being with us in heart to accompany us as we promote the “Love of Lives. Happy Living” activities. We are truly working hard to promote the Global Love of Lives public benefit activity series. Where are you? You should be feeling so comforted and happy, right?
      As I wrote, the first light of morning shone in. I looked up the sky. It seemed you were hiding in the light and sending me this joyful glance. Just like uncle Wang Bang-hsiung said, you are a forever ten-year old child, a sweet heart of ours forever. Ta-Kuan, you are all by yourself over there. You must take good care of yourself. Don’t get too busy sweeping park and picking up garbage. Take a good rest. Fortunately there is no prison at your kingdom; otherwise, you will become so busy because you always said you wanted to volunteer in prisons to reform those criminals.
      Don’t act like your daddy who only thought about others and flew around the world for you for the campaign of “Let love take off” without knowing how to take care of himself. And for your tender mommy, what I can do for you is to spend more time with her. A mother, no matter how strong she is, has no other way but to bury her dead child in heart. You certainly realize that kind of agony. But your mommy is very unique. She is a lawyer. She has been helping many people who know nothing about law to be protected. She has spread her deep love to you to the outside world and many people are benefited.
      My dear, haven’t seen you for ten years. I still have many words to tell. You are always so considerate and listen to adults’ talks obediently. Please don’t blame aunt Hui for being so talkative. Dear baby, take care! We all love you! Wish you all the best!