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Artist Statement of Chou Ta-Kuan Statue
                                                     Lian Sai Chou Dec. 2004.

Loving heart and kindness: In one of his poems “Violin”, it says: “I will teach the Devil of Cancer to play violin, because children playing violin tend to behave well, so does the Devil. In other poem, he wished the Devil of Cancer would marry the medicine, so that enemy becomes friends.
Fervent love of life: He wanted to go all over the world to disperse the seeds of love, although he had lost a leg.
Embracing violin: He amused himself with music and also educates others.
So this statue should not only contain the above characteristic but also emphasizes a youngster’s heart of only ten years old and the spirit of perseverance when struggling with the evil of disease.
At first, the status of Ta-Kuan looked like a lively illness that made his families satisfied, but made me surprised to yell and I dare not to watch. Why such a wise child could get such a short life, then I kept the forward-looking, brave spirit after my through contemplation since it may encourage other cancer patients to stand up and go forward.
Choosing the shape violin as the body of the statues comes from the thought that the hobby Ta-Kuan liked to play it in school and concert and it may persuade other people to learn to play it and rinse own spirits with music.
The statue’s right-hand holds a crutch which looks slightly inclined, that makes the statue somewhat moving and represents a pitiable condition that he had continued struggling with evil. Furthermore, Ta-Kuan never forget his plan to go all over the world to disperse the seeds of love. So the left foot was designed to step forward, which also means to tell people you should stand up yourself and go forward, no matter whatever problem you may be facing.
I choose the globe as the base of this statue, symbolizing Ta-Kuan will carry out his wish. Two halves separating the globe produce some dynamic impression and also offer a lesson to us that we have only one globe, but its environment is going to be destroyed gradually.
The whole work intends to provide artistic and enlightenment effect to people. I, being a scientist, engineer as well as an artist, understandably would make the work somewhat different from others.
This is the second one, we have erected one in the His-Tzu bay campus of the National Sun Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung city, in 2001.