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2008 Send Love to USA
2008 Send Love to USA
Date: May 4-13, 2008
        In order to spread out the love of Taiwan, at the invitation of the American Cancer Society and United Nations Children's Fund, Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation organized the "Send Love to USA Charity Events" from May 4 to13, 2008, and returning the royalty income from Chou Ta-Kuan's I Still Have One Leg (US version) to the disadvantaged groups like American Cancer Society. Meanwhile, the Foundation also issued the 11th Fervent Global Love of Lives Award to people from different countries to praise Dr. Samuel So (Lung Cancer Savior), Vicky Pollack (Book Angel) and Joyce Hsu (Silicon Valley Angel) who stood out from 1,868 candidates from the globe.
        Other winners of the Fervent Global Love of Lives Award, Lin Mu-Ching (One-legged Buddha) and Wang Shu-Chiao (One-armed Dancer), who formed the Three-arm Three-leg Dance Troupe, performed dance. Chou Shang-Guan (Head of the Chou Ta-Kuan Children’s Ensemble), Lu Wen-Kui (Aboriginal Music Talent with Multiple Disabilities) and Chou Tien-Guan (Deputy Head of Chou Ta-Kuan Children’s Ensemble), and Wang Heng-I (Janitor Musician) shared their love in music. Kris Wang (Mayor of Cupertino, California), Li Wei-Liang (Representative of San Francisco City Government), Liao Wei-Ping (Director, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco), and Chou Chin-Hua (Founder of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation) attended the award ceremony of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation.
Where there is love, there is hope
        Samuel So, authority of liver cancer, turned liver cancer into love; Vicki Pollack brought groups together with books, and changed the disadvantaged by reading; Joyce Hsu playfully interpreted fight against cancer and shared hope.
Where there is love, there is academic pursuit
        In 1891, to commemorate his 16-year-old son who unexpectedly died in Europe in1885, the railroad magnate Leland Stanford donated 3,320 hectares of Stanford family farm to found the eminent Stanford University. The University of California at Berkeley, though its fame in anti-culture movement overrides its academic performance, is still a world-renown major institution. Since its inception in 1868, 9 faculties were awarded the Nobel Prize.
Where there is love, there is charity
        The American Cancer Society prevents and cure cancer through research and education, and provides the substantial and moral support needed by patients. Specifically, the "Respite Care Service" forges ahead despite difficulties, warmly picks up patients for treatment, and tests its strength by time. The Friends of Children with Special Need (FCSN) created a shelter center for the first time to warm families. George Mark Children's House, by sticking to the belief that both the young and the old will die and that life has dignity, spends the last moment of severely ill children with them, teaches the families of the severely ill children to say goodbye to depression and embrace sunshine. Everyone misses 30-year-old George dying of cancer and 16-year-old Mark dying unexpectedly. The Wisdom Culture and Education Organization, a sister organization of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation, used garage as an office in the early stage, and implemented teaching and activities by using the public school buildings. Now, parents, volunteers and government departments constantly promote the Wisdom Culture and Education Organization to fund the camp of literature and art cultivation for Chinese children, the camp of happy and positive children, percussion ensemble for Asian children in bay areas, public theater performances for children, and Wisdom digital library. All these activities are warmly welcomed by local Chinese and international figures.
        Additionally, the Three-leg Three-arm Dance Troupe, Chou Ta-Kuan Children's Ensemble, and One-man Orchestra put on improvisation to raise 3,000 USD for Charities Aid Foundation America's placement of dropouts, touching more than 600 representatives present from various sectors. Then, the Foundation visited the San Bao Temple, prepared fruit, chocolate, vegetarian, Buddhist books and other specialties to send everyone back to the spiritual homeland.
Where there is love, there are media
Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Chou Tien-Guan, Lin Mu-Ching (Lead Dancer of Three-arm Three-leg Dance Troupe, One-legged Buddha), and Wang Shu-Chiao (One -armed Dancer) respectively accepted the interview by Shih Cheng-Hsi (host of KTSF26 Talk Tonight) and Jen Hsin (host, Chinese Radio Little Care). They elaborated on and promoted the "three goodness action featuring love for life: on good terms with yourself – love your life, on good terms with others – respect others' life, and on good terms with the Earth – defend the life on Earth.
Where there is love, there is technology
        Silicon Valley is the world-famous electronic information industry center, covering nearly 260 square kilometers in Palo Alto to San Jose. "Silicon" is the material used by local manufacturers to produce semiconductors. In the 1970s, "Silicon Valley" was used to describe the rapid development of the local software and hardware manufacturing for the first time. As a matter of fact, the seed of electronic information had been sowed a decade earlier. For instance, Stanford University, Palo Alto Research Center, W. Hewlett and D. Packard, and S. Jobs, and S. Wozniak developing personal computer, as well as many world-class high-tech factories set up main factories in Silicon Valley. For example, Intel, Silicon Graphics, Cisco Systems, Yahoo, and Google found a niche there.
Where there is love, there is splendid scenery
        Regarding the unique cable car in San Francisco, 100 years ago, a British inventor Andrew Smith Hallidie invented this classical and artistic model. The traditional hand lever traveled to mountains and seas with crisp sound. You can walk through the impossible Golden Gate Bridge, and touch the giant bridge railing composed of 200,745 cable wires and whose length can surround the Earth three times. You can look down the extensive San Francisco Bay, and overlook the magnificent golden myth in the white mist. In Fisherman's Wharf, you can drink a cup of coffee in the open area, savor delicious food, and listen to the seals singing idly.
        You can step into the world's largest urban park ─Golden Gate Park, which is the green heart of San Francisco. You can jog in the forest roads covering thousands of acres, enjoy the quiet time beside the lake and temporarily forget the annoying noise. In China Town, the East totem expands in the western sky. Memorial archways and temples, Chinese restaurants, and Chinese culture are concentrated here.  You can observe the Coit Tower at distance, which is a tower commemorating firefighters, as well as the beautiful gift left by the women holding a lifelong fascination with firefighters to their beloved city. You can also visit San Francisco City Hall that witnesses continuous twists and turns. City Hall with a Baroque dome and magnificent opera houses are situated along the wide boulevards of political, administrative, and cultural arts centers in San Francisco. In the trip to Napa Valley, the trains filled with wine fragrance sped by. A little drunken smell filled the wind in the vineyard – extraordinary old winery is hidden in the vineyard.  
Where there is love, there is hope, academic pursuit, media, technology and beauty.
        It is because of love that 12 members from Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation can embark on the journey. The Foundation is immense indebted for visible and invisible help home and abroad, and to the winners of the 5th Fervent Global Love of Lives Award, including Lu Wen-Kui (Music Talent with Multiple Disabilities), his mother Ma Chiu-Mei, his teacher Lai Ching-Jung, the winner of the 11th Fervent Global Love of Lives Award, Lin Mu-Ching (One-legged Buddha), Shu-Chiao (One-armed Dancer), Wang Heng-I (Janitor Musician), Chou Tien-Guan (Ocarina Star), Guo Ying-Lan (President of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation), Sun Hsin-I (Deputy CEO), Chen Ju-Shan (Deputy Secretary-General) and Chang Yung-Hsiang (Website Director of Chou Ta-Kuan Foundation). These winners let the saplings of charity, music and dance take root in the United States, which are expected to grow into forests of love.