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 Chen Wen-Fang, female, Hong Kong, born in 1981, and died in 2004, graduated from HK Red Cross Kennedy Center, she stopped growth after 5 years old since she suffered from type V mucopolyaccharidosis; despite of tease and ridicule in the junior school, she didn’t become depressed, but tried to search for interest by playing piano. Wen-Fang could play almost any music once she heard of it.
      In the high school, she read and wrote via enlarger. She didn’t feel sad although she knew her destiny. To the contrary, she made very clear about her path, and endeavored to write more papers and create more excellent works in her limited life; Wen-Fang hoped that she could encourage everybody by setting her example on Liu Xia. She was reputed as “Liu Xia in Hong Kong”. Notwithstanding weak force, she also hoped to set up a mucopolyaccharidosis foundation in order to help the sick children like her. She was awarded “The 1st Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal” of Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation on May 25, 1998, and outstanding student award of HK in 1998!