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Method of the Award
The Melody of Hope Award and Scholarship

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1.    Goal:To encourage drop-outs to resume their passions for life, to redeem themselves, to help themselves and others, to gain independence, to study hard and to realize themselves.

2.    Targets:All the drop-out students throughout Taiwan who are trying to resume their lives (Any students who once dropped out of schools at all levels in Taiwan but managed to go back to the right tracks with support and assistance from any institutions, schools, public interest groups and religious organizations).

3.    Medals & Scholarships:Each winner will be awarded with one pure bronze art medal. Scholarships will be provided where necessary.

4.    Recommendation Procedures:All schools, organizations, clubs or individuals may recommend candidates to use in accordance with the following procedures.
      (1) Please use the provided recommendation forms to make recommendations. Please provide details of the candidates who work their way back on track. 

      (2) Please attach the biography of the candidate (at least 2,000 characters, written by the candidate (preferred) or the recommender). The content should cover why the candidate dropped out of school, how he or she managed to climb back on track, how he or she worked their way back with assistance, what achievements he or she has made and what his or her future aspirations are. 
      (3) Please attach a total of eight relevant pictures describing the life story of the candidate (including two 2-inch photos and six 4×6 pictures to capture the life of the candidate).

5.    Timeframe:From June 1 through July 31 each year.

6.    Judges:A total of 5 to 7 professionals active in public interest affairs will be invited to establish a review committee, to screen, investigate, review and decide on the winners from the pool of the candidates in accordance with the procedures defined.

7.    Awards:The award-giving is scheduled for mid December each year. Publicity on mass media or the Internet will be initiated in order to encourage the winners.

8.    Instructors: Ministry of Education, Children Bureau under Ministry of Interior

9.    Organizers:Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation (TEL: 02-29188519, Fax: 02-29178768; address: Fl. 3, No. 52, Mingde Rd., Hsindien City, Taipei County, Website: http://www.ta.org.tw, e-mail:ta88ms17@gmail.com)

10.    Additional Notes: 
In addition to the recommendation period when the reviews are performed, we will actively select candidates to the review committee to give the Melody of Hope Award whenever we know of any candidates who fight exceptionally hard to find their ways back on track.