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Method of the Award
Fervent Global Love of Lives Award

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1.   Purpose: advocate the spirit of “love of lives”, and encourage the practitioners in various fields.

2.   Objects: individuals around the world.

3.   Categories of application: 
      (1) Braveness: those who have enough courage and willpower in disregard of difficulties or diseases. 
      (2) Love: those who sacrifice their own interests for the sake of others, respect friends or love relatives or families in a dutiful manner. 
      (3) Endeavor: those who make endless efforts to overcome the limitation of endowment with an encouraging spirit. 
      (4) Achievement: those who make great contributions to the society after long-lasting efforts.

4.    Method for recommendation: the institutions, organizations, schools or individuals may recommend candidates to CTK Foundation as per this method. 
      (1) Please use the specified recommendation sheet, and fill the category of application, the deeds or achievements along with evidenced documents.
      (2) The recommendation application shall be enclosed with an autobiography of the candidate(may be written by the parents or recommender on behalf of the candidate, at least 3000 words), including: the virtues, accomplishments or struggling process, social influence and contributions. 
      (3) Photos of the candidate related to their stories (including 2 2-inch photos and 20 living photos).

5.    Time of recommendation: March 1 to 30, every year.

6.    Evaluation: an evaluation committee comprising 5-7 justices of peace is set up. This committee is responsible for review, investigation and evaluation of the candidates.

7.    Evaluation and publication: preliminary review at early of December, reexamination at early of January, final review at early of February, holding a press conference to publicize the list of awardees at April.

8.    Commendation: CTK Foundation will commend the awardees through public media and Internet. Scholarships will be provided where necessary.

9.    Receiving awards: the winners will accept the medals and certificates at Global Love of Lives Day on May 25.

10.    Implication: 
      (1) “Heaven has made us talents; we're not made in vain; a thousand gold coins spent, more will turn up again”. -----------Li Bai “Invitation To Wine”, Tang Dynasty. 
      (2) “I still have one leg, I want to stand on the earth”, “I still have one leg, I want to walk all over the beautiful world” (I Still Have One Leg)-----Chou Ta-Kuan:

11.    Sponsor: Chou Ta-Kuan Cultural and Educational Foundation
(TEL: 02-29178770, Fax: 02-29178768
Address: Fl. 3, No. 52, Mingde Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City, website: http://www.ta.org.tw, e-mail:ta88ms17@gmail.com).

12.    Note: this Foundation may select proactively the individuals with special deeds, submit to the evaluation committee for review and then grant awards.